Thursday, June 11, 2020

DASH-IF awarded Excellence in DASH awards at ACM MMSys 2020

The DASH Industry Forum Excellence in DASH Awards at ACM MMSys 2020 acknowledges papers substantially addressing MPEG-DASH as the presentation format and are selected for presentation at ACM MMSys 2020. Preference is given to practical enhancements and developments which can sustain future commercial usefulness of DASH. The DASH format used should conform to the DASH-IF Interoperability Points as defined by It is a financial prize as follows: first place – €1000; second place – €500; and third place – €250. The winners are chosen by a DASH Industry Forum appointed committee and results are final.

This year's award goes to the following papers (Two first places, and one third):

1. Susanna Schwarzmann, Nick Hainke, Thomas Zinner, Christian Sieber, Werner Robitza, Alexander Raake. Comparing Fixed and Variable Segment Durations for Adaptive Video Streaming – A Holistic Analysis

1. Tomasz Lyko, Matthew Broadbent, Nicholas Race, Mike Nilsson, Paul Farrow, Steve Appleby. Evaluation of CMAF in Live Streaming Scenarios

3. Nan Jiang, Yao Liu, Tian Guo, Wenyao Xu, Viswanathan Swaminathan, Lisong Xu, Sheng Wei. 

The DASH-IF would like to congratulate all winners and hope to see you next year at ACM MMSys 2021.

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