Monday, September 9, 2019

Video Developer Report 2019

... and Bitmovin did it again; published the 2019 Video Developer Report last week. I've briefly reported about it last year here. Interestingly, this year 542 people from 108 countries participated (vs. 456 from over 67 countries last year).

The biggest challenges seem to be latency (54%) and playback on all devices (41%). Other challenges (>20%) are related to DRM, CDN, user engagement with video, and ads in general.

Last year I've also shared the codec usage and it's probably interesting to compare these numbers with this year's results as shown below. Interestingly, the numbers (for 'planning to implement') are a bit lower compared to last year which could be explained by a more conservative approach from developers or simply by the fact that more people responded to the survey with a greater diversity in terms of different countries.

Current Video Codec Usage and Plans to Implement in next 12 Months.
The actual video codec usage compares to last year's report as follows: AVC (-1), HEVC (+1), VP9 (+/- 0), AV1 (+1).

Another interesting aspect is the usage of streaming formats and plans to implement them within the next 12 months as shown below. Comparing with last year's report (available here), we can observe the following major changes: HLS (-3), MPEG-DASH (-3), RTMP (-2), Smooth Streaming (+2), Progressive Streaming (-1), MPEG-CMAF (+2), HDS (-4).

Current Streaming Formats and Plans to Implement in next 12 Months.

In general, one can observe that the adoption of new formats are happening at a slower pace than expected and I am wondering what this means for the new video coding formats coming up like VVC et al. (note: these are results from a public survey with different participants compared to last years which need to be taken into account when comparing results over years).

For more details, the full report can be downloaded for free from here.

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