Friday, October 17, 2008

MPEG got an Emmy!

At this week's MPEG meeting, MPEG celebrated the JVT receipt of the 2008 Primetime Emmy Engineering Award. They've received it for its work on the Advanced Video Coding (AVC) High Profile. The actual awards - three of them - are now hosted at the three main standardization bodies who worked on AVC, namely IEC, ISO, and ITU. However, somehow Gary Sullivan managed to get an additional Emmy statue for MPEG and presented it to Leonardo Chiariglione (MPEG convenor). The MPEG Emmy statue will travel from national body to national body based on MPEG's meeting schedule. That is, the next chance to see the Emmy statue live will be in Lausanne, CH at the 87th MPEG meeting.

During the Friday plenary I also got the chance to take a picture of/with the Emmy statue ;-) Another picture can be found here.

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