Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What are the new challenges in video coding standardization? (part one)

At today's workshop on new challenges in video coding standardization, MPEG tried to figure out what's beyond AVC, SVC, and MVC. Even before the workshop started, a new acronym was found for this envisaged standard: HVC which stands for High-Performance Video Coding. In my view this already provides a rough direction where MPEG is heading to, i.e., higher resolutions (beyond 4K a.k.a. UD which is four times full HD) and higher framerates (beyond 120Hz up to 180/200/240Hz). Interestingly, displays that can handle such resolutions and framerate will be available around 2012 which would require to start video coding standardization for that right now. Another issue that needs to be considered is the viewing angle with such huge display sizes. Currently, the distance between display and viewer is about three times the display height which results in a viewing angle of 33° using a 40'' TV set. With a 80'' device the viewing angle increases to 63° that needs to be considered both by the codec and the display, of course. However, it is not clear which kind of application (domain) MPEG is targeting for this possible future video coding standard.

Of course, there's much to say bout that and I'll report on that later during the week.

Finally, I also learned another acronym (note: MPEG is full of acronyms) which is ODS that stands for Other Digital Stuff.

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