Friday, October 17, 2008

What are the new challenges in video coding standardization? (part two)

The results of the workshop will be available as output document N10174 with the main conclusions as follows:
  • Larger formats (resolutions) are becoming more and more popular.
  • Video bitrate - especially uncompressed - is (far) ahead the technologies for economic network transmission for both wired and wireless networks, i.e., bitrate >(>) bandwidth.
  • Next generation of video compression technology is needed with higher compression capabilities than the AVC standard.
However, there's a need for more evidence that goes beyond the initial optimism where 35% bitrate reduction was reported for 1080p. Therefore, MPEG will adopt its usual process which consists of:
  1. Collecting requirements mainly targeting compression performance and higher resolutions
  2. Call for test material (N10176) seeking for video sequence with VGA, 1080p, or 4Kx2K resolution captured with current camera equipment.
  3. Call for evidence to let the industry (in particular, the national bodies) respond to the idea of developing a High-performance Video Coding (HVC) standard.
I'll provide references to the above mentioned documents as soon as they become available! Interested parties are invited to discuss issues related to HVC as part of an Ad-hoc Group (AhG) with the following mandates:
  1. To further discuss vision, applications and requirements of high-performance video coding.
  2. To distribute the Call for Test Sequences and assist the video chair in collecting and evaluating new test sequences for the upcoming Call for Evidence.
  3. To further discuss and develop conditions and testing methodologies for the Draft Call for Evidence.
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