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Top-10 Blog Posts of 2019

Here's my top-10 list of blog posts of 2019 starting with a figure showing the overview of the number of views in 2019.

Overview of the number of views in 2019.
Interestingly, almost all blog posts have been published in 2019 except one but see below...

1. Post-Doctoral Research Positions in "Adaptive Streaming over HTTP and Emerging Networked Multimedia Services"

In this blog post, I was searching for post-docs as part of the ATHENA project, which actually started in October 2019. I'm very happy with the responses I've received but at the moment I'm no longer searching for post-docs. However, feel free to check the web site of the ATHENA project for updates.

2. ACMMM'19 Tutorial: A Journey towards Fully Immersive Media Access

The blog post related to my tutorial (together with Ali Begen) at ACM Multimedia 2019 provides an overview, link to the PDF summary as archived in the ACM digital library, and the slides. I hope you all find it useful and I'm happy receiving your comments, feedback, and suggestions for future tutorials in this research area.

3. Mobile data traffic report and forecast 2017-2022

This blog post is about the mobile data traffic report and forecast which basically confirms the trend that video traffic is also rising on mobile networks. It also reveals that Quality of Experience (QoE) is becoming more and more relevant to stakeholders in this area.

4. Doctoral Student Positions in "Adaptive Streaming over HTTP and Emerging Networked Multimedia Services"

Similar to the blog post with the highest number of views, this blog post was about doctoral students for the ATHENA project. I'm organizing a summer school in 2020, which could be relevant to some of you...

5. Open Source Scalable Video Coding (SVC) Software

This is a blog post from more than 10 years ago, which provides an overview of SVC open source projects. I believe that the reference software is still the most reliable source here but readers might be also interested in HEVC Scalability Extension (SHVC) which comes also with a reference software.

6. ACM NOSSDAV'19: Bandwidth Prediction in Low-Latency Chunked Streaming

In this blog post, I provide an overview of our NOSSDAV 2019 paper about our low-latency HAS approach using DASH and CMAF. It comprises the abstract, the link to the PDF in the ACM digital library, and the slides. Low-latency has been identified as a major issue in OTT/HAS, which is also highlighted in Bitmovin's video developer report.

7. QoMEX'19: Tile-based Streaming of 8K Omnidirectional Video: Subjective and Objective QoE Evaluation

This blog post is about our QoMEX 2019 paper and provides the abstract, the link to the PDF, and the slides. It targets tile-based streaming of 8K 360-degree videos and presents results from both objective and subjective evaluations. VR and specifically 360-degree videos are highly relevant application domains both in academia and industry and, thus, such evaluations are helpful when designing and developing these applications and services.

8. DASH-IF awarded Best PhD Dissertation on Algorithms and Protocols for Adaptive Content Delivery over the Internet

This blog post is the actual press release of the first DASH-IF  best PhD dissertation award and I can highly recommend reading all theses of all three winners which are (1) Enabling Optimizations of Video Delivery in HTTP Adaptive Streaming, (2) Low-Latency Delivery of Adaptive Video Streaming Services, and (3) Achieving High Performance Content Streaming with Adaptive Chunklets and Active Queue Management. Further details about DASH-IF's academic track can be found here and it is expected that ACM MMSys 2020 will come up with a DASH-IF award.

9. ACMMM'19: Towards 6DoF HTTP Adaptive Streaming Through Point Cloud Compression

In this blog post, I provide an overview of our ACM Multimedia 2019 full paper related to HAS for video-based PCC which comprises the abstract, the link to the paper in the ACM digital library, and the slides. Point cloud compression is a new MPEG standard and in this paper, we investigated the dynamic adaptive streaming thereof including extensive evaluations of various heuristics.

10. ACM MMSys 2020 Research Track - Call for Papers

The last blog post (in the 2019 top-10 list) is about the call for papers for ACM MMSys 2020. I can only highly recommend you to attend this event and there are many opportunities for submitting papers (i.e., research track, demo and industry track, open dataset and software, workshops, challenges). I hope to see you all next year at MMSys'20 in Instanbul!

Finally, I'd like to provide a screenshot of my all-time top-10 blog posts, mostly about HAS and DASH (hmm, interestingly but also unsurprising;). By the way, in my recent MPEG report, there's a status update about DASH.

All-time top-10 blog posts.

... and with this, I wish you all a Happy New Year and all the best for 2020 with a list of events in 2020 that are highly relevant for this blog:

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