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Overview of predictions for media, entertainment, and video delivery in 2020

As we're approaching the end of 2019 one may have noticed various articles describing predictions for media, entertainment, and video delivery in 2020. The goal of this article is providing a collection of such articles rather than yet another set of predictions. Hopefully, this leads to a broader picture of what to expect in 2020. Please feel free providing additional articles as comments ...

Sep 23, 2019: 8 Entertainment Tech Trends (
  1. Subscription streaming video services continue to grow
  2. Streaming media players unit sales are catching up to traditional set-top boxes
  3. Streaming device sales have replaced disc players, but disc legacy remains
  4. Smart TVs continue to grow
  5. 4K is beginning to get big
  6. Gaming is bigger than you think
  7. 5G is about to land
  8. VR and AR may finally realize their potential

Dec 9, 2019: Top 10 Predictions For Media & Tech In 2020 (Forbes)
  1. “The Great Streaming Wars” and global subscription video on demand (SVOD) land grab are finally fully “on” after years of anticipation.
  2. As cords continue to cut amidst these SVOD wars (or never connect in the first place), advertisers scramble for new ways to reach and effectively engage with audiences on and off TV screens.
  3. Mega media-tech M&A comes to a crawl (for now) in the wake of Viacom’s acquisition of CBS.
  4. Once maligned streaming again drives double-digit growth for the music industry.
  5. 2020 finally gives vision to augmented reality (AR) and its ultimate mass commercial appeal.
  6. 5G networks launch in earnest and 5G compatible smartphones (including Apple’s next iPhone) enter the market.
  7. Warnings grow about an eSports bubble, but smart money plays the long e-game as 5G fueled cross-platform and cloud-based mobile gaming accelerate.
  8. Artificial Intelligence (AI) accelerates its game-changing ways in the world of media and entertainment.
  9. Real, not virtual, live “experiences” also increasingly find their way into multi-platform media strategies, driven by a growing counter-movement to digital’s frequently heads down isolation.
  10. “Fake news” (including AI-driven “deepfakes”) overrun 2020’s U.S. elections and cause unprecedented societal disruption.
  1. 5G for media delivery
  2. AI spreads across the workflow
  3. Live streaming at scale in real-time
  4. Hybrid delivery: Get the best from broadcast and OTT for an improved QoE
  5. 8K content streaming
  1. OTT Rising
  2. Live Streaming Still Social Media Turf
  3. Mobile Is Now the Preferred Channel
  4. Extended Business Applications
  5. Fragmentation of OTT Content
  6. Music Streaming Displaces Radio
  7. Streaming Trends by Industry
  8. IOT Video Streaming
  1. Bringing AI to the device: Edge AI chips come into their own
  2. Robots on the move: Professional service robots set for double-digit growth
  3. Private 5G networks: Enterprise untethered
  4. High speed from low orbit: A broadband revolution or a bunch of space junk?
  5. The smartphone multiplier: Toward a trillion-dollar economy
  6. My antennae are tingling: Terrestrial TV’s surprising staying power
  7. Coming to a CDN near you: Videos, games, and much, much more
  8. Ad-supported video: Will the United States follow Asia’s lead?
  9. The ears have it: The rise of audiobooks and podcasting
  10. Cycling’s technological transformation: Making bicycling faster, easier, and safer
Dec 23, 2019: Video Borat's КазакФликс 2020 predictions, click on the Twitter thread below for further details... ;)

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