Wednesday, August 3, 2011

IEEE Transactions on Multimedia: Special Issue on Smart, social and converged TV


IEEE Transactions on Multimedia
Special Issue on Smart, social and converged TV

*Important Dates*:
- Submission deadline: 25-Sep-2011
- First notification: 30-Jan-2012
- Revised manuscript (for 2nd review) due: 15-Mar-2012
- Notification of acceptance: 05-May-2012
- Final manuscript due: 31-May-2012
- Tentative publication date: Last quarter of 2012 (TBD)

The move to web-based television has challenged the traditional
television value chain by allowing any IP-based network,  wired and
wireless, to deliver high quality television content. In this new
paradigm for content consumption, TV-related services are expected to
play a decisive role for fixed, nomadic and mobile devices over
heterogeneous networks.  Consequently, the rapid adoption of web-based
TV applications is fueled by user demands for social and
user-generated multimedia content, in addition to the traditional
linear and on-demand offerings. As well, the new television is social,
allowing exchange of ratings and comments between viewers; connected,
with content available on many devices and via many networks; and
smart, thanks to application stores and personalized offerings. As a
result, TV convergence, as a significant problem for next generation
networks and devices, is becoming a popular topic for network, device,
content and user experience research. Significant challenges need to
be addressed from heterogeneous bandwidth management, content
protection and distribution architectures to visual perception and
quality of experience.

This special issue is focused on recent disruptions in IP-based and
Web-based TV. According to this framework, it wants to provide avenues
for future research in the emerging areas of social, connected and
smart TV. The targeted audience combines researchers in the many
aspects of the end to end delivery of converged TV services but also
practitioners and strategic business managers who need to know “what
is next” in terms of video and television services, applications and
the overall value chain.

The editors of this special issue solicit original and innovative
technical papers that include (but are not limited to) the following

- Next generation converged TV architecture and performance -
especially those combining heterogeneous networks and platforms

- Quality of experience in social TV systems and applications over
mobile and converged networks

- Performance of novel approaches to TV network design including
wireless Internet TV

- Analysis and simulation of TV services over heterogeneous networks

- Analysis and simulation of content distribution and transmission technologies

- Performance of novel content protection especially for Peer-to-Peer
and community TV viewing

- End-to-End TV quality of experience including monitoring, measuring
and user behavior

- Content modeling and metadata for next generation converged TV

*Submission Procedure:*
Prospective authors should submit high quality, original manuscripts
that have not appeared, nor are under consideration, in any other
journals. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically through the
online IEEE manuscript submission system at
( All papers will be reviewed
by at least three independent reviewers. Papers should be formatted
according to the IEEE Transactions on Multimedia guidelines for
authors (please visit:

All papers will be reviewed by at least three independent reviewers.
Invited papers will be solicited first through white papers to ensure
the quality and relevance to the special issue. The accepted invited
papers will be reviewed by the guest editors and expect to account for
about one fourth of the papers in the special issue.

*Guest Editors:*

- Oscar M Bonastre, PhD.  Operations Research Centre, Miguel Hernandez
University, Spain (Lead Guest Editor)

- Marie-Jose Montpetit, PhD. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(MIT), USA Email:

- Pablo Cesar, PhD. Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, (CWI), Netherlands

- Zhu Liu, PhD. AT&T Labs – Research, USA

- Jon Crowcroft, PhD. Cambridge University, UK

- Maja Matijašević, PhD. University of Zagreb, Croatia

Please address all correspondences regarding this special issue to the
Guest Editors


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