Friday, September 16, 2011

CfP: MMM2012 Video Browser Showdown

**Video Browser Showdown**

January 6, 2012, Klagenfurt University, Klagenfurt, Austria.

The Video Browser Showdown (held as a separate session of MMM 2012) is a live video browsing competition where international researchers, working in the field of interactive video search, evaluate and demonstrate the efficiency of their tools in presence of the audience. The aim of the Video Browser Showdown is to evaluate video browsing tools for their efficiency at "Known Item Search"(KIS) tasks with a well-defined data set in direct comparison with other tools. For each KIS task the searchers need to interactively find a short video clip in a one-hour video file within a specific time limit.

The Video Browser Showdown will be a moderated "special demo session" of MMM 2012, where 24 KIS tasks (2◊12) need to be solved. For each task the moderator presents the target clip on a shared screen that is visible to all participants. The participants use their own equipment to perform an interactive search in the specified video file (taken from a common data set). The performance of participating tools will be evaluated in terms of successful answers and average search time. The decision for the best-performing tool is based on two runs:

  • expert run: the participants (developers of the tools) themselves act as searchers
  • novice run: volunteers from the audience act as searchers (after a short training phase) 

The overall best-performing tool will be awarded with the "Best Video Browser" certificate.

No Metadata:
The videos to be used for the Video Browser Showdown will be provided without any metadata.
However, participants are allowed to perform any content analysis that supports interactive browsing in the video (e.g., through novel content visualization, content clustering, or advanced seeker-bars etc.). The search process must be interactive, i.e., no text-queries are allowed.

Anyone who has a video browsing tool that allows to interactively browse, explore, or navigate in a single video file (search shouldnít be based on automatic queries) may participate. Examples of tools of interest are: a video shot browser(e.g., temporal-based or concept-based), a video player with extended navigation/interaction means, a video content exploration tool, or tools using advanced visualizations for improved navigation/interaction("video surrogates") etc. Also tools developed for interactive video search on mobile devices are of interest.

To apply for participation please submit a scientific paper (2-3 pages in Springer LNCS format) to one of the organizers via email until October 7, 2011. The submission should include a detailed description of the interaction with the video browsing tool and how it supports interactive search in video. Submissions will be peer-reviewed to ensure maximum quality. Accepted submissions will be published in the conference proceedings of MMM 2012.

Important dates:
October 7, 2011 paper submission (2-3 pages, Springer LNCS)
October 12, 2011 notification of acceptance
October 19, 2011 camera-ready versions due
January 6, 2012 competition at MMM 2012

Klaus Schoeffmann, Klagenfurt University, Austria,
Werner Bailer, JOANNEUM RESEARCH, Austria,
Cees Snoek, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands,

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