Wednesday, April 20, 2011

MPEG issues Call for Proposals on 3D Video Coding Technology

The aim of this Call for Proposals (CfP) is to provide efficient compression and high quality view reconstruction of an arbitrary number of dense views. This CfP has been issued by ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG11 (MPEG) and the evaluation of submissions will be carried out at the 98th MPEG meeting after formal subjective evaluation.

The CfP is publicly available on the MPEG Web site and also here.

The CfP provides all necessary information regarding purpose and procedure, timeline, test material, coding classes, anchors, test conditions and parameters, submission requirements, subjective viewing requirements, test sites and delivery of test material, testing fee, source code and IPR, and contact information.

In the meantime, all details can be discussed within the so-called Ad-hoc Group (AhG) on 3D Video Coding (3DVC) which is available at (to subscribe or unsubscribe, go to

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