Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Future Media Internet and other related topics

Recently, the IEEE Communication Magazine had a special issue on Future Media Internet which I'd like to review very briefly. First, let's start with titles of the papers from this issue:
  1. CURLING: Content-Ubiquitous Resolution and Delivery Infrastructure for Next-Generation Services
  2. A Survey on Content-Oriented Networking for Efficient Content Delivery
  3. Peer-to-Peer Streaming of Scalable Video in Future Internet Applications
  4. Improving End-to-End QoE via Close Cooperation between Applications and ISPs
  5. System Architecture for Enriched Semantic Personalized Media Search and Retrieval in the Future Media Internet
  6. Automatic Creation of 3D Environments from a Single Sketch Using Content-Centric Networks
From this issue it seems that the Future Media Internet (FMI) is built around the concept of Content-Centric Networking (CCN) or Content-Oriented Networking (CON) - cf. articles #1 and #2 - whereby the latter is referred to as a umbrella term including CCN and others like Data-Oriented Network Architecture (DONA) and Publish-Subscribe Internetworking Routing Paradigm (PSIRP). Probably in this context also the Content-Aware Networking (CAN) approach developed within the ALICANTE project is worth to be mentioned.

Furthermore, it seems that Peer-to-Peer (P2P), Scalable Video Coding (SVC), and Quality of Experience (QoE) - cf. articles #3 and #4 - are very much important for the FMI. While I believe that SVC has some advantages in the context of P2P, I have some doubts about a close co-operation between applications and ISPs unless the applications are offered by the same ISPs. Interestingly, the P2P-Next project and the QUALINET COST action are both working on these topics.

Finally, article #5 proposes a system architecture for enriched semantic personalized search and retrieval and article #3 seems to be an application paper describing the automatic creation of 3D environments from a single sketch in the context of FMI.

In its most recent issue, the IEEE Communication Magazine again had some interesting papers related to the FMI. The special issue on Recent Advances in IETF Standards had three articles worth mentioning in the context of FMI:
  1. The Coming Age of MPLS provides a tutorial on MPLS-TP and its usage.
  2. Stream Control Transmission Protocol: Past, Current, and Future Standardization Activities describes SCTP and already defined extensions as well as future work in the area of security and concurrent multi-path transport.
  3. Internet Geolocation and Location-based Services describing the IETF GEOPRIV architecture.
Next to that, two papers accepted from the open call are very relevant to FMI, namely QoX: What is it really? and Mobile Video Delivery with HTTP. Again, the QoE is a topic but the first time HTTP streaming is mentioned in this context. It's already heavily deployed, we all use it but in most cases the quality is unsatisfactory (even if one pays for such a service).

Thus, I would like to see more papers regarding QoE for HTTP streaming in the context of the Future Media Internet!

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