Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Computing Now: Interview with Leonardo Chiariglione, Part 5 of 5 + Index

I recently caught up with Leonardo Chiariglione at the 91st MPEG Meeting held in Kyoto, Japan during  18-22 January 2010. Our discussion ranged widely, from looking back at the creation of the MPEG to the impact of the MP3 format to social networking.

  • Part 1: Leonardo Chiariglione looks back at the history and the major milestones in the creation of the MPEG standard. [YouTube]
  • Part 2: Twenty years removed, Leonardo Chiariglione discusses what he would have done differently in creating the MPEG standard. [YouTube]
  • Part 3: Leonardo discusses the impact of social networking and mobile devices on development. He also talks about his involvement with the development of MP3 and its effects on the record industry. [YouTube]
  • Part 4: Leonardo offers his advice to young developers. He also discusses the role of metadata for the standard. [YouTube]
  • Part 5: Leonardo discusses the future of MPEG. [YouTube]

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