Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New release of H.264/AVC reference software JM 17.1

-- this blog post is based on the email sent by Karsten Sühring to the JVT reflector

A new release of the JM reference software is available at http://iphome.hhi.de/suehring/tml/

This is a quite large maintenance release: It contains a number of bug fixes including a decoder issue that was introduced in JM 17.0 and caused a mismatch for MBAff and constrained intra prediction.

The documentation has been updated with a description of the new MVC coding mode. Many people experienced crashes when enabling MVC with the default config file. This was caused by an incompatible setting which is now prohibited for the muti-view encoding mode. We have also added a Stereo High profile example config (encoder_stereo.cfg) and a modified default file for faster encoding (encoder_fast.cfg).

The VS 2008 and XCode workspaces have been updated for better x64 architecture support. OPENMP (for parallel deblocking) is now enabled by default (also in the Makefiles).

Changes in Version JM 17.1 (since JM 17.0)
- decoder: fix delta_pic_order_cnt[0] in IDR frames (KS, bug #57)
- decoder: Direct mode fixes (YHE)
- encoder/decoder: various cleanups and bug fixes (AT/YHE)
- encoder/decoder: rewrite of deblocking functions (AT)
- decoder : rewrite of intra prediction functions (AT)
- encoder/decoder: MVC bug fixes (PeP/AL)
- encoder/decoder: Frame Packing SEI Message (AL)
- decoder: Minor CABAC updates (AT)
- encoder/decoder: Update work spaces for VS 2008 and XCode with x64 and OPENMP support (KS)
- encoder/decoder: Update Makefiles for OPENMP support (KS)
- encoder: avoid crashes by prohibiting incompatible tool combinations (KS/YHE)


gminutes goodsha said...

fully geared and updated. this software seem good to go and i can't wait to try it. technology is enabling effective communication through such software

Anmol said...

I am trying to implement "A high performance and low complexity sampling-based intra coding method
for H.264/AVC" by Lee, Wey, Park. Can you please help me figure out where in the code I should use the original image in order to sample ?

Christian Timmerer said...

Anmol, I would suggest you send an email to corresponding email reflector where this code has been released.