Monday, July 6, 2009

Presentations of the MMT Workshop

The presentations of the Modern Media Transport (MMT) workshop are publicly available and replicated here for your convenience.

Sam Narasimhan Motorola Use of MPEG-2 Transport in Broadcast and other applications – Challenges to be met by MMT
David Singer Apple Media Transport
Jaeyeon Song Samsung Electronics MMT
Alexander Adolf and Thomas Stockhammer DVB DVB experiences and related standards on using MPEG transport mechanisms
Thorsten Herfet, Manuel Gorius Universität des Saarlandes Predictable Loss and Predictable Delay for IP media services
Michael Eberhard, Christian Timmerer, Hermann Hellwagner University of Klagenfurt Fully Interoperable Streaming of Media Resources in Heterogeneous Environments
Ingo Kofler, Robert Kuschnig, Hermann Hellwagner University of Klagenfurt Media-Aware Network Elements on Legacy Devices
Doug Young Suh, Jin Woo Hong Kyunghee University Harmonization with the current QoS protocols for MMT

This activity is currently discussed within an Ad-hoc Group (AhG) with the following mandates:
  1. Analyse current transport solutions for MPEG media
  2. Collect use cases that benefit from a modern transport solution
  3. Collect requirements for modern media transport
  4. Define scope and goals for short terms and long term solutions
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