Saturday, July 4, 2009

Advanced IPTV Terminal (AIT)

MPEG is currently in an exploration phase for an "Advanced IPTV Terminal (AIT)" and will - for the first time - publish the following documents:
  • N10858, Context and Objectives for AIT
  • N10859, Use Cases for AIT
  • N10860, Draft Requirements on Interfaces to Payment and Cashing Systems
  • N10861, Context and Objectives for Interfaces to Payment and Cashing Systems
All these documents have an editing period of two weeks and will be available on the 17th of July at the latest. The documents will be made publicly available here but I will also blog about it.

We also have some requirements for AIT in general but this document needs a major revision and clean-up before it can be published. I expect this to happen during the next meeting in October 2009.
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