Friday, March 6, 2009

Multimedia Delivery in the Future Internet

After I've written the blog about Future Internet and Next Generation Networks I remembered that I've recently co-authored a similar paper. It was entitled "Multimedia Delivery in the Future Internet - A Converged Network Perspective" and it was published as a white paper of the Media Delivery Platforms Cluster. This white paper is available here and dated back in October 2008, i.e., still worth reading it ;-)

At the beginning it provides an overview of the market environment & business motivations before introducing the multimedia content in the future internet, namely 3D content, multi-view video coding, H.265, and MPEG/LaSER. This was the time when HVC was not yet born.

Next, converged networks are presented followed by cross-layer adaptation for enriched perceived Quality of Service (PQoS). I contributed to the latter, specifically with cross-layer optimization/adaptation techniques and how MPEG-21 could help to increase the level of interoperability.

Finally, this white paper also describes means for multimedia rights management.

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