Friday, March 6, 2009

Future Internet and Next Generation Networks

... is the title of a new publication from the European Commission paving the way for a Future Internet and 3D Internet. The full title is as follows "Future Internet and NGN Design requirements and principles for a Future Media and 3D Internet" can be downloaded here.

At the beginning it highlights important aspects of Future Media Experiences which are scalability, media access, interaction, content integrity and trust, traffic engineering and bandwidth, social media and networks, collaborative authoring, and mixed reality.

Next, Future Internet Design Requirements are described in clustered into content-centric engineering, content-centric network design (content-centric routing and findability), design for tussle, trustworthiness, and flexibility. This section is followed by the Future Internet Design Principles covering KISP (Keep It as Simple as Possible), design for tussle (remark: again), and sustainability.

Finally, the paper confronts the Future Internet with the Next Generation Network paradigm.

Check it out ...

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