Wednesday, November 6, 2019

IEEE ICME 2020 – Industry papers and demos

IEEE ICME 2020 – Industry papers and demos

IEEE ICME annually attracts a truly global audience, with more than 500 attendees from academia and industry. During ICME 2020 we are expecting similar or higher levels of interest. Research on the covered topics is flourishing, and London’s rich academic and technological innovation scene is expected to attract large number of participants from all over the world.

The expo (industry and demo) part of ICME 2020 provides the opportunity for industry leaders, start-up companies and academic institutions to showcase their innovative technologies and products. The expo will be co-located together with the technical poster presentations area, and will run continuously throughout the whole conference, thus representing a perfect opportunity to network and exchange ideas with internationally recognised researchers.

We are inviting companies to submit their contributions for the expo in the categories summarised below. We especially solicit start-ups, incubators and university consortia to participate in the demo program.

Industry papers, demo papers and hands-on demos: 
  • Will be presented during separate sessions during the main conference
  • Can be related to any of the technical areas covered by ICME
  • Should be submitted following the guidelines available online
  • At least one author of an accepted contribution should register for the conference and present the work 
Industry / application papers

Industry / application papers at ICME 2020 focus on technology and innovation developed towards solving real-world problems. Researchers and practitioners are encouraged to submit contributions, in the form of 4-page papers, describing practical applications of technology, and how multimedia technology can help in practical scenarios and/or commercial use cases. The papers will be reviewed following the same procedure as workshop papers, where novelty, presentation quality and experimental validation will be considered. The submission of papers is via CMT online system.

Demo papers
Demo papers are called for ICME 2020, which can be either proposed as an independent 2-page demo paper or associated with a paper from ICME 2020 main program and/or co-located workshops. The goal of the demo papers program is to promote applied research and applications, as well as facilitate collaborations between industrial and academic members of the multimedia community. A prospective paper should provide comprehensive descriptions on the innovative technology to be demonstrated, including the equipment involved and/or the set-up necessary for attendants to follow up an approach or system. The submission of papers is via CMT online system.

Hands-on demos
Proposals for industry hand-on (showcase) demos are invited to be part of ICME 2020. Each hands-on demo will be showed during poster sessions of one day of the main conference. This type of presentation is intended for R&D-focused demos by industrial partners to illustrate novel multimedia technology. Commercial products should be instead presented as part of the exhibition reserved for conference sponsors. Authors are invited to submit an abstract describing the technology being demonstrated, equipment that will be used, and the demo experience. The abstract should give details of the innovation showcased in the demo, and how it will appeal to the ICME audience. Demos should ideally have an interactive component. If the demo is associated with a paper submitted or accepted to ICME, please also provide the corresponding paper ID.

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