Tuesday, October 9, 2018

AAU and Bitmovin presenting IEEE ICIP 2018

The IEEE International Conference in Image Processing (ICIP) is with more than 1,000 attendees one of the biggest conferences of the Signal Processing Society. At ICIP'18Anatoliy (AAU) and myself (AAU/Bitmovin) attended with the following presentations:

On Monday, October 8, I was on the panel of the Young Professional Networking Event (together with Amy Reibman and Sheila Hemami) sharing my experiences with all attendees. See one picture here.

On Tuesday, October 9, I presented at the Innovation Program talking about "Video Coding for Large-Scale HTTP Adaptive Streaming Deployments: State of the Art and Challenges Ahead".

On Wednesday, October 10, Anatoliy presented our joint AAU/Bitmovin paper about "A Practical Evaluation of Video Codecs for Large-Scale HTTP Adaptive Streaming Services". Abstract: The number of bandwidth-hungry applications and services is constantly growing. HTTP adaptive streaming of audio- visual content accounts for the majority of today’s internet traffic. Although the internet bandwidth increases also constantly, audio-visual compression technology is inevitable and we are currently facing the challenge to be confronted with multiple video codecs. This paper provides a practical evaluation of state of the art video codecs (i.e., AV1, AVC/libx264, HEVC/libx265, VP9/libvpx-vp9) for large- scale HTTP adaptive streaming services. In anticipation of the results, AV1 shows promising performance compared to established video codecs. Additionally, AV1 is intended to be royalty free making it worthwhile to be considered for large scale HTTP adaptive streaming services.

A Practical Evaluation of Video Codecs for Large-Scale HTTP Adaptive Streaming Services from Christian Timmerer

Acknowledgment: This work was supported in part by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) under the Next Generation Video Streaming project “PROMETHEUS”.

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