Monday, May 8, 2017

Joint QUALINET-VQEG team on Immersive Media (JQVIM)

QUALINET and VQEG have an ambition to increase the collaboration between the organizations. As a pilot effort we are hereby proposing a Joint Qualinet-VQEG team on Immersive Media (JQVIM). The actual collaboration will be between the Task Force: "Immersive Media Experiences (IMEx)" of Qualinet and the Working Group "Immersive Media Group (IMG)" of VQEG.

The initial goals for JQVIM are:
  • Collecting and producing open source immersive media content and data set
  • Establishing and recommending best practices and guidelines
  • Collecting and producing open source immersive media tools
  • Survey of standardisation activities
Anybody who's interested joining this effort, please contact me. Interestingly, this effort is related to my previous post where the VR Industry Forum (VRIF) calls for VR360 Content and also MPEG established an Ad-Hoc Group (AhG) on Immersive Media Quality Evaluation with similar mandates.

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