Wednesday, July 27, 2016

MPEG Survey on Virtual Reality

(c) Bitmovin
As mentioned in my previous blog post, virtual reality is becoming a hot topic across the industry (and also academia) which also reaches standards developing organizations like MPEG. MPEG established an Ad-hoc Group on MPEG-VR (open to everyone) which published a survey on virtual reality. The survey is still open until August 18, 2016 and available here...

In particular, MPEG is seeking feedback from content and service providers as well as device manufacturers. Please help to shape the future!

(c) Bitmovin

Within Bitmovin we're working on this topic in a Web context and a demo is available here. Additionally, here's a live 4K VR/360 demo using HEVC: (Note: requires HEVC hardware support at your device).

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