Monday, July 7, 2014

bitmovin White Papers on bitcodin and bitdash for MPEG-DASH

bitmovin recently release two white papers related to MPEG-DASH describing two major components of any DASH-based ecosystem. The first white paper is related to preparing content compliant to MPEG-DASH utilizing cloud infrastructure and is referred to bitcodin™ (PDF) offering transcoding & streaming as a service (T&SaaS). As such it provides benefits across multiple dimensions:

  • Remove capacity bottlenecks in the streaming media workflows. 
  • Flexibility to scale resources and associated operational costs with the demand. 
  • Right-size encoding and streaming infrastructure. 
  • Eliminate the necessity for capital investments in dedicated encoding systems. 
  • Full flexibility to choose quality and speed of encoding. 
  • Reduce reliance on specific technical encoding/streaming expertise. 

The second white paper is about the client adaptation framework which is essential for every playback device. Therefore, bitdash™ (PDF) is a suite of highly optimized MPEG-DASH clients for the broadest range of platforms and devices, delivering the best streaming performance and user experience, in particular in adverse (mobile) network conditions.

bitdash™ is the result of continued R&D investments and incorporates patent pending technology  resulting in MPEG-DASH compliant client solutions that deliver up to 101% higher effective  media throughput as well as significantly higher Quality of Experience (QoE) compared to existing adaptive bitrate streaming technologies and clients.

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