Friday, May 17, 2013

MPEG Workshop on Session Management and Control for MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH)

Co-located with the 105th MPEG Meeting
July 28th, 2013 – Vienna, Austria 

In recent years, the Internet has become an important channel for the delivery of multimedia using HTTP as its primary protocol. In April 2012, ISO/IEC published MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) as an international standard that specified formats for the media presentation description (MPD) and ISO-BMFF/MPEG-2TS segments. As DASH does not define a system or protocol, DASH is considered as an enabler for efficient and high-quality delivery of multimedia content over the Internet.

Currently, MPEG is working towards the 2nd edition of the DASH standard and soliciting contributions related to the DASH delivery covering underlying network protocols (e.g., HTTP 1.1 and 2.0) and infrastructure components (e.g., servers, proxies, caches, CDN). One of the main goals is to understand whether MPEG should do any normative work in the delivery aspects of DASH or can rely on existing standards and other organizations.

Therefore, MPEG will hold a public workshop to bring together experts from various standardization organizations (IETF, MPEG, W3C, 3GPP, etc.), network operators, and (over-the-top) service providers to discuss the delivery aspects of DASH and how to enhance them with the existing standards. Interested parties are kindly invited to submit a position paper providing a title and extended abstract (1-2 pages) related to the following topics:
  • Unidirectional/bidirectional, point-to-point/multipoint communication with and without session (management) between servers/CDNs and DASH clients
  • Providing content-awareness towards the underlying protocol stack incl. server/network assistance
  • Various impacts on the existing Internet infrastructure such as servers, proxies, caches and CDNs 
  • QoS and QoE support for DASH-based services
  • Scalability in general and specifically for logging interfaces
  • Analytics and monitoring of DASH-based services
Important dates: 
  • Position paper due: July 1st June 15th DONE
  • Acceptance notification: July 8th June 30th DONE
  • Program available: July 10th 10th DONE
  • (Free) Workshop Registration by: July 22nd 15th DONE
  • Workshop date/time: July 28th (9am-1pm) DONE
Program, Position Papers, and Slides

Please prepare for a max. 20min presentation followed by 5min Q&A at the end of each presentation. We will have a 50min (panel) discussion at the end of all presentations.

09:00-09:25: Control Aspects in Adaptive Streaming by Thomas Stockhammer (Qualcomm Incorporated), Ali C. Begen (Cisco) [SLIDES]

09:25-09:50: Network-Assistance and Server Management in Adaptive Streaming by Xin Wang, Shaobo Zhang, Yongliang Liu, Lei Zhou, Yuquan Fan, Xin Liu (Media Technology Lab, Corporate Research, Huawei Technologies, LTD.) [SLIDES]

09:50-10:15: Future networking with DASH and MMT Cross-Layer Interface by Doug Young Suh, Yong Woo Cho, Stanley K. Park (Kyung Hee University) [SLIDES]

10:15-10:40: QoE assessment with standardized quality metrics in adaptive streaming over HTTP by S. Argyropoulos, M.-N. Garcia, P. List, B. Feiten, and A. Raake (Assessment of IP-based Applications, Technical University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany and Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Deutsche Telekom, Berlin, Germany) [SLIDES]

10:40-10:50: Break

10:50-11:15: Using XMPP for Real-Time Management of DASH Clients by Peter Saint-Andre (Cisco Systems, Inc.) [SLIDES]

11:15-11:40: Making DASH CDN friendly and CDNi DASH friendly by Emmanuel Thomas, Oskar van Deventer, Ray van Brandenburg, Rob Koenen (TNO, The Netherlands) [SLIDES]

11:40-12:05: DASH-specific CDNI interface optimizations by Andrej Binder, Radovan Kadlic, Ivan Kotuliak (STUBA) [SLIDES]

12:05-12:10: Break

12:10-13:00: (Panel) Discussion with presenters and audience

Workshop chairs:
  • Iraj Sodagar, MPEG-DASH AhG&BoG chair, 
  • Thomas Stockhammer, MPEG-DASH editor, 
  • Ali C. Begen, IETF Audio/Video Transport Payloads chair,
  • Christian Timmerer, local chair, 

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