Monday, January 16, 2012

Top 10 Blog Posts

  1. HTTP Streaming of MPEG Media: My first article in this series which I've started after the MPEG CfP has been issued that lead to the standardization of DASH.
  2. MMSys'11 Special Session on MMT/DASH: the CfP for a special session I've organized.
  3. MPEG news: a report from the 93rd meeting in Geneva, right after the responses to the HTTP streaming CfP has been evaluated.
  4. MPEG advances DASH towards completion which is the MPEG press release after the 94th meeting in Guangzhou.
  5. Open Source Scalable Video Coding (SVC) Software where I have received quite a few comments ;-)
  6. MPEG Media Transport: Basically the same as #1 but a different scope. However, it seems the readers are more interested in HTTP streaming than media transport in general.
  7. Vision and Requirements for High-Performance Video Coding which has been renamed now to High-Efficiency Video Coding.
  8. DASH provides an overview about the Draft International Standard which is publicly available.
  9. MPEG DASH vs. W3C WebTV which is still a hop topic and worth following on both sides...
  10. Immersive Future Media Technologies: From 3D Video to Sensory Experience: I'm happy having this one in my top ten. It's the summary of a tutorial I had at ACM Multimedia 2010 together with Karsten Müller.
In general, most of the readers are very much interested in HTTP streaming / DASH / MMT followed by video coding (SVC/HEVC/3DVC) and the Sensory Experience stuff I've started some time ago.

Thanks again for visiting my blog and don't hesitate to leave a comment here and there. I'd love to read your thoughts and feedback.