Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kyoto MMT Workshop Program

The program for the Workshop on MMT is now available!

Date: Wednesday (13:00~ 17:00) January 20 during the 91th WG11 meeting in Japan

Session I, 13:00-14:50

  • Consideration of a transport mechanism on broadcasting from the viewpoint of emerging hybrid content delivery system (by NHK)
  • Industry Viewpoints of Internet TV over IP networks: Trends and Technologies (by Samsung)
  • Future media adaptation and delivery (by Thomson)
  • Experiences and Challenges of Emerging Multimedia Transport Environments from the Operator Point of View (by Avail-TVN)
  • Panel Discussion
Session II, 15:10-17:00
  • DVB Work on Multimedia Transport (by DVB)
  • Cross Layer Optimization for reliable video delivery over mobile wireless networks (by ETRI)
  • Extended NAL (Network Abstraction Layer) for MMT (by KHU)
  • MPEG-21-based cross-layer optimization techniques for enabling Quality of Experience (by U. Klagenfurt)
  • Panel Discussion

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