Tuesday, December 15, 2009

IPTV and Video Networks in the 2015 Timeframe: The Evolution to medianets

Interesting article which also addresses "the way out of the middleware maze".

Interestingly, the article states that "although it is unlikely that all aspects of IPTV middleware, such as DRM or user control interfaces, will be standardized to the point that open application programming interfaces (APIs) will be available for all capabilities, the primary objective of specifying a standardized framework architecture for middleware is to enable definition of some of the open APIs to enhance interoperability and thereby reduce development costs."

Well, that's exactly what ISO/MPEG's Advanced IPTV Terminal (AIT) standard is about. See my blog or http://www.chiariglione.org/mpeg/ for further details!

in reference to:

"The rapid progress being made in technologies that enable video content delivery over IP networks to consumers has prompted predictions that the evolution of IP-based next-generation networks will be largely driven by video service delivery requirements. This article surveys trends in the underlying technologies, extrapolating out to the 2015 timeframe, and drawing on the developments in standardization for IPTV, cable networks, and the IP NGN. These evolution trends lead to the notion of a medianet as a useful way to think of all of the enabling video and multimedia technologies. A medianet is essentially an IP network that is optimized to deliver video services to any or multiple display devices, and uses any of optical, cable, wireline, and wireless networks for this purpose."
- IEEE Communications Magazine (auf Google Sidewiki anzeigen)

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