Friday, July 24, 2009

AhG on High-Performance Video Coding

A new interesting work item in the area of video coding is about to take off. The Ad-hoc Group (AhG) on High-performance Video Coding will discuss the following mandates:
  1. To further discuss vision, applications and requirements of high-performance video coding.
  2. To finalize the report on the Call for Evidence results N10721.
  3. To discuss and refine the Draft Call for Proposals N10722, particularly with respect to communication coming from VCEG.
  4. To organize the distribution of test sequences and anchors listed in the Draft CfP.
  5. To actively seek for more test material according to N10362.
This activity will be chaired by Jens-Rainer Ohm, Vittorio Baroncini, and T.K. Tan and you may subscribe to its reflector via

Note that there will be an AhG meeting on
Saturday and Sunday before the 90th MPEG meeting.
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