Tuesday, February 10, 2009

DMP targets WIM TV 2.0

The Digital Media Projects (DMP) targets its second version of Web, Internet and Mobile TV (WIM TV) to be deployed at an event in July 2009 [source].
The Content Creation Device (CCD) or WIM TV Creator is a software tool that lets creators package their videos for distribution in the WIM TV format.

The WIM TV server is the machine used by a service provider to implement a business model. For instance it can collect video content generated by creators using the CCD, posts them on a web site for consumers to browse and streams them with possibly embedded ads via its Content Provider Device (CPD). The WIM TV server also includes a Content Identification Device (CID) that creators can use to give unique identifiers to their video content packages and Device Identification Device (DID) that is capable of identifying any device used in the WIM TV system.

The CPD can stream video over a variety of delivery mechanisms. One of them is the WWW (Web TV), another is the Internet Protocol (IP) with some sort of guaranteed delivery (IPTV) and yet another is mobile (Mobile TV). The three delivery mechanisms have given the name WIM TV to the system. End users can consume video content in the WIM TV using an End User Device (EUD) or WIM TV Player.

The Event Collection Device is a system, typically managed by a third party, collecting events and providing statistical information about them.

It has been predicted that it is going to be another hot summer ;-)

Version 1 of WIM TV has been deployed at Beijing Olympics trial.

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