Monday, October 8, 2012

Computing Now: Call for Monthly Theme Issues

Call for Monthly Theme Issues [PDF]

Computing Now, a front-end online portal to IEEE Computer Society publications, publishes information about the most recent technical innovations, news and events, with a short turnaround time. As an online entity, it is ideally suited for multimedia, podcasts, Web pages, and Web services, enabling a dynamic and interactive user experience.

Computing Now seeks proposals for Monthly Theme Issues surveying topics of interest to the technical community. Monthly Themes are short surveys of technical areas, accompanied by papers from IEEE CS publications. Themes are curated by Guest Editors and consist of:

  • An introduction (1000 words maximum) written by the Guest Editor, briefly describing the topic space (state of the art, open challenges, potentials) and including a sentence or two on each article in the theme
  • 4 or 5 recent articles, selected by the Guest Editor, from a minimum of 2–3 different IEEE Computer Society publications (magazines, journals, or conference proceedings) published by the IEEE CS and viable in the IEEE CS Digital Library ( These papers will be freely accessible for two months on CN; thereafter, they will be available for purchase through the CS Digital Library
  • (highly recommended, but not mandatory) A short (5 min maximum) audio-video taped “Industrial Perspective” statement, from a representative of a Company leader in the field of the issue. The statement should be a brief position-statement on the topic (perspective, open problems, etc).
  • (highly recommended, but not mandatory) Additional multimedia content, such as video, audio recordings, etc,. produced by the Guest Editor(s).

Guest Editors interested in organizing a Monthly Theme are invited to submit a proposal to the Editor In Chief at This proposal should include the following information:

  • Proposed Title
  • Background and Motivation
  • Relevance to Computing Now and to the IEEE Computer Society
  • List of related IEEE CS publications and specific technical issues
  • Guest Editor(s) Short biographies, highlighting experience in the topic and editorial experience Proposed Company Representative for the Industrial Perspective statement (recommended)
  • Proposed Publication Month

If the proposal is accepted, the Editor-In-Chief will schedule the theme for a specific month, according to the Guest Editor requests and to the Computing Now calendar. A Computing Now Staff Editor will serve as a liaison to the Guest Editor(s), providing help and advice.

For further information please contact Steve Woods, Manager, New Media and Production, at:

Computing Now Editor-in-Chief:

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