Friday, February 18, 2011

Beta Version of VLC DASH Plugin

The first version (beta) of our implementation of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) as VLC plugin is available under the URL:

The current version of the plugin supports:

  • Single profile as defined in the documentation section: Profiles of DASH are defined so as to enable interoperability and the signaling of the use of features etc. A profile has an identifier and refers to a set of specific restrictions. The profiles with which a MPD complies are indicated in the MPD@profiles attribute.
  • Different adaptation logics: An adaptation logic is a logic that selects the next segment or part of a segment that should be downloaded. With the current design it should be very easy to implement and test new logics for research purposes.
  • Single/Multiple periods per media presentation: But I recommend to use just single periods due to the beta state of the plugin.
  • ISO Base Media File Format segments
  • The mpd profiles attribute must be set to “urn:mpeg:mpegB:profile:dash:isoff-basic-on-demand:cm”

Test-Content and sample MPDs are located at the Download-Section. Videos of the plugin were you can see DASH in action and some other versions of the plugin that support the CMP layer and session transfer using MPEG-21 could be found here. Documentation about the supported profile and how to build VLC with DASH as well as a class diagram could be found on the Documentation-Section.

Call for Adaptation Logic
We are seeking for efficient implementations of the actual adaptation logic which is responsible for the dynamic and adaptive part of DASH (see also above). Therefore, we offer IAdaptationLogic interfaces as well as the AbstractAdaptationLogic which shall be extended for this purpose. Very simple implementations are provided and we're seeking for more sophisticated onces. Please help us improving this implementation, ideally by contributing (pseudo) code.
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