Friday, December 3, 2010

List of accepted papers for the Special Session on MMT/DASH at MMSys'11

MMSys'11: Special Session on Modern Media Transport

We received a huge number of high-quality papers to this special session but only the best of the best could be accepted. The review process was very competitive and, in particular, we accepted 9 out of 20 papers allocated to this special session.

Accepted papers (in alphabetic order by title):
  • 3GPP Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP – Standards and Design Principles by T. Stockhammer
  • An Experimental Evaluation of Rate Adaptation Algorithms in Adaptive Streaming over HTTP by S. Akhshabi; A. Begen; C. Dovrolis
  • A Test-Bed for MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP featuring Session Mobility by C. Müller; C. Timmerer
  • DRM Protected Dynamic Adaptive HTTP Streaming by F. Hartung; S. Kesici; D. Catrein
  • Evaluation of HTTP-based Request-Response Streams for Internet Video Streaming by R. Kuschnig; I. Kofler; H. Hellwagner
  • Feedback Control for Adaptive Live Video Streaming by L. De Cicco; S. Mascolo; V. Palmisano
  • iDASH: Improved Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP using Scalable Video Coding by Y. Sánchez; T. Schierl; C. Hellge; T. Wiegand; D. Hong; D. De Vleeschauwer; W. Van Leekwijck; Y. Lelouedec
  • Rate Adaptation for Adaptive HTTP Streaming by C. Liu; I. Bouazizi; M. Gabbouj
  • Usages of DASH for Rich Media Services by J. Feuvre; C. Concolato; R. Bouqueau
Stay tuned for the MMSys'11 program ...

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