Monday, July 12, 2010

List of accepted papers for ACM Workshop on Advanced Video Streaming Techniques for Peer-to-Peer Networks and Social Networking

ACM Workshop on Advanced Video Streaming Techniques for Peer-to-Peer Networks and Social Networking
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We received a huge number of high-quality papers to this workshop but only the best of the best could be accepted. The review process was very competitive this year. In particular, we accepted 15 out of 30 papers.

Accepted papers (in alphabetic order by title):
  1. "A Hybrid Approach to Modeling End-to-End Delay in P2P Networks" by Philipp Berndt; Dominic Battré; Odej Kao
  2. "A Novel Cache Optimization Algorithm and Protocol for Video Streaming in Pure Peer-to-Peer Networks" by Carlo Giulietti; Dan Schonfeld; Rashid Ansari
  3. "Access Control to BitTorrent swarms using Closed Swarms" by Keith Mitchell; Njaal Borch; Ingar Arntzen; Dusan Gabrijelcic
  4. "Advanced Prefetching and Upload Strategies for P2P Video-on-Demand" by Osama Abboud; Konstantin Pussep; Markus Müller; Aleksandra Kovacevic; Ralf Steinmetz
  5. "An Analytical Approach to Model Adaptive Video Streaming and Delivery" by Razib Iqbal; Shervin Shirmohammadi
  6. "Consistent Image Decoding from Multiple Lossy Versions" by Marco Dalai; Serena Malavasi; Riccardo Leonardi
  7. "Design and Evaluation of an Optimized Overlay Topology for a Single Operator Video Streaming Service" by Stefano Giordano; Rosario G. Garroppo; Stella Spagna; Saverio Niccolini; Jan Seedorf
  8. "Design and Implementation of a Generic Library for P2P Streaming" by Luca Abeni; Csaba Kiraly; Alessandro Russo; Marco Biazzini; Renato Lo Cigno
  9. "Improving Quality-of-Experience for Multiple Description Video Transmission in Peer-To-Peer Networks" by Simone Milani; Giancarlo Calvagno
  10. "Knapsack Problem-based Piece-Picking Algorithms for Layered Content in Peer-to-Peer Networks" by Michael Eberhard; Tibor Szkaliczki; Hermann Hellwagner; Laszlo Szobonya; Christian Timmerer
  11. "MixNStream: Multi-Source Video Distribution with Stream Mixers" by Philip Chun Ho Yuen; Gary Chan
  12. "P2P Group Communication with Layer-Aware FEC" by Yago Sánchez; Cornelius Hellge; Thomas Schierl; Thomas Wiegand
  13. "P2P streaming with LT codes: a prototype experimentation" by Andrea Magnetto; Rossano Gaeta; Marco Grangetto; Matteo Sereno
  14. "Peer-to-Peer streaming based on network coding improves packet jitter" by Riccardo Bernardini; Roberto Cesco Fabbro; Roberto Rinaldo
  15. "Three Highly Available Data Streaming Techniques and Their Tradeoffs" by Sumita Barahmand; Shahram Ghandeharizadeh; Anurag Ojha; Jason Yap

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