Friday, March 19, 2010

O Universal Multimedia Access, Where Art Thou? (Index)

-by Christian Timmerer, Klagenfurt University, Austria

Preface: First I thought about writing this article for a journal or something equivalent but then I concluded to make this article available through my blog. The aim is to perform an experiment in order to determine whether it is possible (a) to get direct feedback through comments and (b) to be referenced from elsewhere. As it is a quite comprehensive article, it’s split up in separate parts. If someone (i.e., a journal editor) is interested in publishing this article, yes, I can still do that! :-)

Index of "O Universal Multimedia Access, Where Art Thou?" seriesConclusion
I would say that UMA is technically feasible but the issue is with the content rights owners/holders ... if you disagree or have another opinion, please let me know.

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