Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mobile Storytelling featuring Streaming Media based on the MPEG Extensible Middleware

--Joint bachelor thesis of RWTH Aachen and Klagenfurt University

Mobile Storytelling covers the creation, editing, and consumption of multimedia stories on mobile platforms. Mobile Stories are essential for knowledge sharing within (professional) communities. The mobile multimedia experience of users is critical for the appropriation of multimedia knowledge sharing. This application shall support the streaming / progressive download of media such as audio/video content to mobile platforms such as iPhone and Android including a possible transcoding on the server side. In particular, the MPEG Extensible Middleware (MXM) shall be implemented for these platforms supporting the above application in order to guarantee interoperability among the involved entities. A rudimental streaming library for these platforms is provided as a starting point but probably requires some extensions. Furthermore, the MPEG Extensible Middleware (MXM) is also not set in stone and can be extended if necessary which may lead to a submission to ISO/IEC MPEG co-authored by the bachelor candidate. We look forward to working with bachelor candidates who are interested in this kind of application, streaming media, middleware, and interoperability.

Details can be found here.

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