Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Peer-to-peer for content delivery for IPTV services: analysis of mechanisms and NGN impacts

Just found this document here which is a (first) draft of ETSI TISPAN's work in the area of P2P television. It seems that P2P is becoming a major issue for standardization:
  • IETF has mainly ALTO and P2PSIP working groups but also P2P streaming is pushing "on the market."
  • DVB recently released an Internet TV questionnaire which has some P2P aspects.
  • W3C had some P2P activity in the past but now it seems to be silent with respect to this topic. Maybe the situation changes in the future...
  • MPEG provides the baseline technologies (codecs and file formats) but also started an exploration activity towards an Advanced IPTV Terminal (AIT), probably jointly with ITU-T.
The future will show us which of these activites will be successful and I'd like to close with a quote that fits here very well, i.e., "The nice thing about standards is that you have so many to choose from". --Andrew S. Tanenbaum

Let me know in case something is missing or wrong.

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