Sunday, February 15, 2009

Service Modeling Language, Version 1.1 Proposed Recommendation

The Service Modeling Language Working Group has published the Proposed Recommendations of Service Modeling Language, Version 1.1 and Service Modeling Language Interchange Format Version 1.1. SML extends the coherence-checking mechanisms of W3C XML Schema from individual documents to collections of documents. SML-IF extends the utility of SML by providing mechanisms for gathering together a set of documents whose coherence is guaranteed by an SML schema, which itself is part of the resulting package.

From the SML's abstract I read "... used to model complex services and systems, including their structure, constraints, policies, and best practices. SML uses XML Schema and Schematron." It's very interesting to see that SML adopts both XML Schema and Schematron (see related blog posts at O'Reilly). I wonder whether there're any adoptions thereof in the multimedia domain, maybe related to the MPEG-21 Multimedia Framework ...
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