Friday, October 31, 2008

ACM Multimedia 2008: Day 3

The open source track was a great success thanks to its contributors presenting
  • Network-Integrated Multimedia Middleware (NMM)**
  • LIRe: Lucene Image Retrieval (An Extensible Java CBIR Library)
  • GpuCV (An OpenSource GPU-Accelerated Framework for Image Processing and Computer Vision)
  • An Open Source Software Framework for DVB-* Transmission: OpenCaster and FATCAPS
  • FOBS: An Open Source Object-Oriented Library for Accessing Multimedia Content
** ... awarded with the ACM Multimedia Open Source Award.

The panel discussion was about multimedia education: can we find unity in diversity? All panelists concluded that there's a lack of good, comprehensive text books. Furthermore, we should also think about a multimedia curriculum which should be multi-disciplinary, i.e., should have modules from computer science, electrical engineering, and "arts" (e.g., production tools). See also here...

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