Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ACM Multimedia 2008: Day 1

This year's ACM Multimedia was opened with a keynote about Internet 3.0, the next generation Internet. However, in this talk topics like self-organization, Quality of Service, and Next Generation Networks (NGNs) haven't been discussed very intensively if at all. Please check yourself whether you'll find it useful or not.

The best paper session included - among others - a presentation of the Flickr distance that calculates a distance metric based on tagged images and extracted features. Very interesting and promising results though! Our colleagues from Toulouse presented an approach to stream 3D contents to heterogeneous devices...

Systems Track: Video Streaming - I was somehow disappointed by the P2P-related presentations as the results are mainly based on simulations without proper discussions thereof. Perhaps I just joined the wrong session.

More to come during the week...
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