Tuesday, September 9, 2008

P2P'08: Video Search & Playback in Zero-Server P2P Systems

In yesterday's tutorial at P2P'08 I learned something about zero-server P2P systems, especially related to video search and playback. Unfortunately, the BBC guy did not show up and so the audience was directly confronted with the reality: standardization in DVB ;-) However, the speaker gave a good overview how P2P systems have been used in the past and especially about the trial for the European Song Contest. Next, we got input from the industry representing the consumer electronics. They want to put a P2P engine into a settop box and raised a few very interesting issues, mainly related to CPU and memory constraints (e.g., only 4 MB of free memory for metadata or so). Also, a timely standardozation is required in order to bring interoperable products on the market. The main part of the tutorial comprises an overview about Tribler, the P2P engine also used in P2P-Next project. One interesting talk was identifying the differences between traditional file sharing, VoD, and "live" streaming. However, I always wonder how muh "live" a P2P live video stream is? Just one keyword: delay!

More to come soon ...
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